How To Get On Worldstar – Promotion Tips is probably the best place to promote your Hip-Hop & R&B Music. Millions of people visit worldstar every day to watch their favorite artists, news, funny videos, as well as Discover New Music. It has quickly become the best place to promote your music in the rap industry.

Keep in mind that average hip hop fans are not the only people that visit worldstar!

Record Label executives, as well as A&R’s Go to Worldstar to discover new talent Everyday.

So lets go over the costs and exactly How To Get on Worldstar.

Getting Your Music Video on

It is actually pretty easy to get your video on worldstar, all you really have to do is come up with the cash to pay for the placement on the website. When you put your video on worldstar it will be on the top of the page with all of the other videos of the day. Then it will slowly work its way down to the bottom of the front page, then after 4 days your video will appear on the second page. So you get a total of  4 days on the front page. 

How Much Does it Cost to get on Worldstar?

Music Video……. $650

Diss Video………..$750

Beat Making Video/Promo Video/Trailer….. $1000

How Much To Be The Featured Video For The Day

The cost of being on the top of the page or the “Featured Video” is $3000 a day


Sample Unsigned Artist Video on Worldstar

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