5 Proffesional VST Drums For FL Studio:

VST instruments are cool and create the music that you’ve always desired for. Feel like a professional as you dish out some grooving tracks using these VST Instruments and freeware VST Plugins to set the crowd swinging.


GTG DPC 3 from the collection of VST Instruments comes along with 10 user sample shots which comprises on individual volume, Pan, reverb and tune settings. The Drum VST in this VST Plugin lays out in accordance to the general midi standard.

Download GTG DPC 3

Wollo Beat v.2.0:

The Wollo Beat 3.0 is a VST Instrument that is simple and virtual drum percussion from the range of freeware VST Plugins. It essentially combines both 808 sounds and onboard effect processors which adds an ambiance to the sounds.

Download Wollo Beat v.2.0

ErsDrums v.1.2:

There are compatible VST Instruments and features a whole lot of facilities such as program change, velocity curve, volume and pan controls that makes this Drum VST unique.

Download ErsDrums v.1.2

ES DGenR8:

The Drum VST is an open sounds virtual analogue with all voices synthesized using digital algorithms. These VST Instruments include DarkWave Studio as a VST Plugin.

Download ES DGenR8

XX – Drum Modules v.2.0

These freeware VST Plugins are purely base VST Drum modules with delay, filter, pitch and XX percussion. They include 3 full drum presets that come along with as a special feature.

Download XX – Drum Modules v.2.0

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